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FR27: ANONYMOUS - The War in Pictures Fourth Year
FR29: ANONYMOUS - The War in Pictures Sixth Year
FR45: ASHLEY, MAURICE - Louis XIV and the Greatness of France
FR52: BAXTER, ALIDA - Flat on My Back
FR38: BCP, CW - The Lectionary 2000 28 November 1999 - 31 December 2000
FR14: BILES, WILLIAM E. ; SWAIN, JAMES J. - Optimization and Industrial Experimentation
FR65: BLAKE, CLARICE - The Roofs of Weir
FR4: BLASHFORD-SNELL, JOHN - Something Lost Behind the Ranges The Autobiography of John Blashford - Snell
FR43: BRIDGES, ROBERT ( COMPILER ) - The Spirit of Man
FR47: BROOK, DONALD - Writers' Gallery Biographical Sketches of Britain's Greatest Writers, and their views on Reconstruction.
FR8: CARP, ROBERT A.; STIDHAM, RONALD - The Federal Courts
FR10: CLARK, F. W. (COMPILER) - Tube Works Guages and Guaging Practice
FR73: COBB, BELTON - The Willing Witness
FR44: COLLINS, WILKIE - The Moonstone.
FR19: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - With the Immortals
FR58: CRUMLEY, JIM - Something out There
FR34: DOHERTY, PAUL - The Templar
FR61: DONNELL, A. W. - Restaurant Manual A Complete Account of the Industry for all Studying Management as a Career
FR11: DURANT, HORATIA - The Somerset Sequence
FR33: FIENNES, RANULPH - Captain Scott
FR70: FISH, ROBERT LLOYD - The Bridge That Went Nowhere : A Captain JosÚ Da Silva Novel
FR22: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER - Critique and Anti - Critique Essays on Dependence and Reformism
FR40: FURBER, ELIZABETH CHAPIN (EDITOR) - Changing Views on British History Essays on Historical Writing Since 1939
FR51: GALLANT, MAVIS - Overhead in a Balloon - Stories of Paris
FR46: GREGG, PAULINE - Black Death to Industrial Revolution A Social and Economic History of England
FR6: HARRIS, RICHARD (EDITOR) - The Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins (Baron Brampton)
FR15: IRVINE, ROBERT G - Operational Amplifier Characteristics and Applications
FR35: JARDINE, QUINTIN - Unnatural Justice an Oz Blackstone Mystery (Oz Blackstone Mysteries)
FR9: KAPLAN, MARION - Focus Africa
FR21: KATOUZIAN, HOMA - Ideology and Method in Economics
FR26: KITTO, H. D. F. - The Greeks
FR18: KNIGHT, EVERETT W - A Theory of the Classical Novel
FR25: LAIDLER, DAVID - Monetarist Perspectives
FR74: MACKENZIE, W. W. - The Poor Law Guardian His Powers and Duties in the Right Execution of His Office.
FR16: MICHIE, ALLAN A.; GRAEBNER, WALTER (EDITORS) - Their Finest Hour The War in the First Person
FR64: MORRIS, JOHN HUGHES - Ein Cenhadaeth Dramor (Eglwys Bresbyeraidd Cymru)
FR53: MORRIS, IRA J. - The Troika Belle
FR63: MUNDAY, DON - The Unknown Mountain
FR5: O'BRIEN, R. BARRY - The Life of Lord Russell of Killowen
FR75: PANETH, MARIE - Branch Street A Sociological Study
FR41: PARRIS, JOHN - Arbitration Principles and Practice
FR54: PECK, M SCOTT - In Heaven As on Earth: A Vision of the Afterlife
FR31: PERRY, ANNE - Seven Dials
FR49: POLKINGHORNE, R. K. ; POLKINGHORNE, M. I. R. - The Art of Needlecraft
FR68: RANDALL, ROLAND E - Theories and Techniques in Vegetation Analysis (Theory and Practice in Geography)
FR1: RUSH, PHILIP - Strange Stuarts 1603 - 1714
FR37: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy
FR57: SAKI ( H. H. MUNRO ) - The Short Stories of Saki Complete with an introduction by Christopher Morley
FR17: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM ( AUTHOR ) HARRISON, G. B. (EDITOR) - The First Part of Henry the Fourth
FR67: SHEPHERD, JOHN - George Lansbury At the Heart of Old Labour
FR12: SMITH, CHARLES F. - Practical Alternating Currents and Alternating Current Testing
FR50: SMITH, G. ELIOT - Human History
FR13: SPEARS, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR EDWARD - Assignment to Catastrophe
FR66: SPRINGETT, CHRISTINE & DAVID - Success to the Lace Pillow (Pamphlet)
FR3: THALER, GEORGE J. - Elements of Servomechanism Theory
FR32: THOMAS, LESLIE - The Adventures of Goodnight and Loving
FR23: TRISTRAM, HENRY (INTRODUCTION) - John Henry Newman : Centenary Essays
FR48: TURIN, S. P. - From Peter the Great to Lenin A History of the Russian Labour Movement with Special Reference to Trade Unionism
FR7: VARIOUS - The Changing Scene - Number Two A Review of Natural History in the North West of England
FR42: VON K. PRZIBRAM. - Schr÷dinger, Planck, Einstein, Lorentz. Briefe Zur Wellenmechanik
FR36: WARNER, PHILIP GODMAN TEMPLE; - Letters Home from the Crimea
FR24: WARREN, HENRY C. - Wise Reading
FR71: WEEKLEY, ERNEST - The Romance of Words
FR59: WILKIE, KEN - The Van Gogh File the Myth and the Man
FR62: ZIELINSKI, PROFESSOR - Our Debt to Antiquity